2021 IBETAMAC 3200x63 T

2021 IBETAMAC 3200x63 T

€20.000 +i.v.a

Albano Laziale, Italia

oChiama +39 333 3413989


Very economical torsion bar series folding machines with great simplicity of use, but with great bending precision. They have an automatic positioner with 2 X + Y axes, with easy-to-use memories, blade attachment and Amada Schiavi Promecam v type prism with fractional punch and 60 mm die with 4 V, 835 and 415 mm parts. With CE certificate and instruction manual, machines that do not exceed 30 mm / s and therefore do not belong to annex V of the European machinery directive. Not exceeding the speed of descent 10 mm / s do not need laser protections.


Modello3200x63 T